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The student rider lifestyle has much to offer. Here you will find out more.


Our member clubs organize show jumping and dressage lessons on school horses at regular intervals. In general, the training sessions of other member clubs are open to any member of a student riding club, although individual clubs reserve the right to give priority and subsidies to their members.

Furthermore, ARS Zurich organizes a weekend of show jumping and dressage lessons on school horses at the Haupt- & Landesgestüt Marbach once a year (January/February).

In addition to regular training sessions, special courses also occasionally take place. In the past, these have included fall training, archery on horseback, polo, vaulting, etc.


With a membership in one of our affiliated clubs, you are eligible to compete in regular national tournaments representing the respective club.

ARS Zurich is affiliated with OKV (Eastern swiss Cavallery- and riding club), while ARK Berne is connected to ZKV (Central swiss Cavallery- and riding club).

Within the student riding community, there are various competitions, all of which are conducted on provided horses. These competitions are explained in the following.


Concours (Internationale) Hippique Universitaire

National student riding competitions held in Germany and Switzerland are called CHUs.

There are 12er and 15er CHUs, in which 12 or 15 different teams compete, respectively. Each team consists of three riders from a university. If teams from at least three nations (for example, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden) are represented, the CHU is classified as a CHIU.

The Competition:

At a CHU, competitions are held in show jumping and dressage. Participants are assigned horses they have never ridden before. The difficulty of the dressage program and the jumping course are adjusted accordingly.

The assigned horses are presented by their owners, and each rider is given a set time and number of trial jumps to familiarize themselves with the horse. Depending on the round, each horse is ridden by either two or three riders, and riders are only scored against others who have ridden the same horse.

The competition itself consists of the First Round, the Second Round, the Semi-Finals, and the Finals in both dressage and jumping. In the first two rounds, only the best performers on each horse advance. [Further details about the subsequent rounds would go here.]

For the welfare of the horse, rider, and owner, any rider may indicate their withdrawal from the tournament by raising their hand, and any owner has the right to deny a rider their horse.

Social Aspects:

Of course, networking and socializing are also integral parts of these events. Parallel to the competitions, there are ample opportunities for networking, forming connections, and fostering friendships with fellow riders and the next generation of breeders.

In the evenings, these connections are deepened through celebrations and social events.

Further Information:

In Germany, CHUs are coordinated by the "Deutsche Akademische Reiterverband e.V." (short: DAR). For more information, you can find it under this link:

Student Riding Nations Cup (SRNC)

Conceptually, the actual competition mode of SRNCs (Student Riding Nations Cups) is identical to that of CHUs. SRNCs are coordinated by AIEC 

(Association Internationale des Etudiants Cavaliers) and differ from CHUs in their international character and the caliber of riders participating. In this setup, AIEC member countries send a national team to compete. In countries like Germany, Great Britain, or Ireland, the competition for coveted spots on the national team is intense, and it's not uncommon to find 3* or 4* riders on their teams. However, this doesn't guarantee constant wins.

Other countries, such as Austria or France, require a certain level of equestrian skill but allocate their spots differently. These nations might not solely base their selections on the highest levels of competition but might consider other criteria for a balanced and fair choice, ensuring a wide representation of skilled riders in their national teams.

Hochschulmeisterschaft (HSM) - University Championship

Once per year, the Swiss student riders from all clubs come together for the Swiss University Championship.

The competition modes are analogous to those of the CHUs and SRNCs.

Whether as a supporter or a rider, you are most welcome!

Social Events

As part of club life, each society organizes gatherings at varying intervals. These meetups include regular get-togethers, BBQs, tournament visits, or dance lessons in the so-called "Knotentanz" (knot dancing).

The "Knotentanz" is a unique partner dance within the student riding community, similar to the Friesenrock or the Discofox. While the dance is predominantly performed at student riding tournaments in Switzerland and Germany, it occasionally makes its way into events in other countries.

The basics of the dance are simple and quick to pick up, ensuring that new members, affectionately known as 'chicks,' can learn them swiftly. However, one can continue to improve and learn new nuances throughout life!

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